Do you want to know how to do a little fireman job or save many lives in firefighting Truck games? Do you want to know how to run a fire station? Learn about firefighting rescue through our amazing fire rescue games. So get ready to live the life of a great fireman. Apply your Rescue strategy with amazing animations and easy controls of fire safety kids truck game. Fire out rescue gear, wear safety helmet & start firemen adventure of emergency games. You are a boss or fireman fire truck game and you have to perform various task of fire games truck driving games.

Become the hero of fire games by playing as a firefighter or fireman. Start by dressing your firemen in their protective gear as fire fighter wear, then move towards the control room, where you’ll receive emergency calls from your city, then drive the firetruck, the ambulance helicopter to reach your missions and spray the extinguisher on the fire, fight fires by putting out burning flames and save lives of peoples!

A fire brigade life is not easy. All-day long little firemen, fire station have to deal with life saving tasks in fire games. It is something like they are chosen to run a fire station. Let’s get all the capabilities of a firefighter hero to handle the tough situations. Gather all your courage to complete all fire rescue missions of fire truck games. Fire out safety firefighting truck games with addictive fireman fire fighter missions. This fire station game is amazing to rescue with your fire fighter to city with your fireman games.

Now you are a fireman of a busy fire station. When someone calls for help first you wear a little firefighter outfit. Lots of options for fire brigade costumes like safety helmet, fire jackets, gloves and hats are there for a specific situation. Hurry up, dress up rightly and let’s move your fire engines in this firemen game. Let’s play fire rescue games & have a lot of fun in fire truck emergency games.

Now it’s time to select the fire patrols, pick the right one according to the mission. This fire station gives you the opportunity to drive many types of fire rescue vehicles. Fire trucks fire brigade bus rescue cars ambulances rescue wings, helicopters and many other different fire engines give you a great experience of rescue fire fighting. Get all the gears on the vehicle & hurry to start fire safety missions. You get the fire patrol, now it’s time to start rescuing in this game.

A little fireman games job is an easy and addictive task for you. The different rescue missions of firefighting game with a collection of firemen outfits and rescue vehicles. Firefighter’s mission is to save a burning building. Let’s fly helicopters, extinguish the fire, and save people. Many need rescue. They are lost in the jungle, get them out from rescue wings, and drop them to their homes safely wearing your safety helmet. You will definitely have fun to role-play as a fire fighter in fire rescue games.

Ohhhh a house on fireman games & someone is stuck in a burning room. Protect the injured in fireman rescue game. An accident happened to a plane go & rescue with your firefighting game skills. Become the fire brigade bus driver and extinguish the fire in the safety game. fireman rescue lives firefighter game. Control the fire from burning the Jungle & play as a firemen firefighter. A strong fire fighter has the courage to do extinguish the fire. A car accident happened on the road, you have to work fast to save the injured.

Fire rescue games have very interesting missions to do on the sea. A beautiful lighthouse caught fire. People are floating on the freezing water. Let’s fly a helicopter and become a little firefighter hero. Bring the people on the boat and save the lighthouse from damage. There are many people stuck on a burning ship. Help needy peoples in fire safety jobs and have pride in what you are doing.

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