Drive your ambulance simulator doctor car & cure the injured patients. Pack & review your tools in emergency hospital ambulance 2022 vehicles and go fast for saving the lives of innocents. Take injured people to the hospital emergency and examine the patients carefully for better treatment. Patients are in pain, providing them excellent treatment for better recovery in doctor games. Ambulance games 2022 with amazing tasks to play & have fun in an emergency hospital simulator situation.

Rescue the innocents, drive fast & give them treatment in your ambulance car. There are many hospital stories and If there is any serious accident, take them to the hospital for a better remedy. Your ambulance simulator 2022 car and hospital team is always ready to move, you have to take care of needy & innocent peoples who are in need of treatment. Perform your ambulance emergency hospital duty in this rescue emergency games 2022. Little doctor educational game with exciting doctor simulator games and adventurous tasks.

Most of the doctor simulator games and hospital surgery games have some tasks but, you are in love with your ambulance vehicle in a doctor game, be a professional fantastic doctor, and take care of all in your city. Emergency care medicine and rescue games for first aid of patients & perform your traumatology’s job perfectly. Make your own multiple doctor and patient stories with enjoyable tasks. Emergency ambulance duty & drive towards the hospital story in serious conditions in this surgeon doctor games for kids.

And when an urgent operation is needed, perform the job of a doctor & traumatology’s in the dr game. Operate the required patients carefully and show your medical skills in the ambulance doctor game. Perform your medical examination and fix broken bones and apply medicine o heal up the wounds in this ambulance game. Emergency hospital story doctor’s job with quick and easy tasks. Hospital & patient’s doctor tasks with smooth controls for little.

Different injuries like foot cuts, swellings, broken bones, heart care, and more. Use multiple tools like a thermometer for measuring the temperature. Stethoscope, defibrillator, all wound stitching tools & other tools to cure the people. Treat minor injuries in your ambulance car like feet care and bring serious cases to the hospital’s emergency ambulance simulator care for better treatment in this rescue emergency game. Drive your ambulance games car in Little doctor games to treat the patients & serve patients in hospital and make a good relationships of a patient and doctor.

Along with this, wash car 911 ambulance vehicle in a salon. Enjoy ambulance games 2022 wash & ambulance assembly in the hospital game car with amazing tools. Assemble your car & start with your ambulance doctor’s responsibilities. After the job is done you have to wash your ambulance in your wash salon in the doctor games for kids.

Firefighter Mode

Welcome to Firefighter Tycoon that gives joy of firefighting games. You have to become the part of the firefighting squad in this exciting fire truck game. Fire station is waiting for you to drive fire rescue truck! This firefighter simulator will give you the chance to become firefighting hero by saving lives. This fire truck game is not just an emergency game where you become a rescue patrol hero, in this little ambulance doctor game, you can get rich and get more firefighter stations with more firemen squads! This fire rescue game is not just about firefighting, you have to develop a good strategy to save people lives, buy more fire trucks and manage every emergency by playing firefighter game. Save the lives everywhere whether it’s a university or hotel

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